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Private Data Safe 1.3

A tool that protects data and adds more security
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Private Data Safe, is a reliable and to my opinion, one tool that really can deliver something new at this point where everyday lots of software is developed every day. Everybody has files that no other people should see, files that are directly bond to the user’s intimacy. Private Data safe protects data from unwanted or unauthorized users. The “do not disturb” feature will operate while using protected files from other programs as well as do not decrease computer’s speed and performance, all of these in a very easy way.
The main screen is divided in 8 tabs. The most important are:
Security: In this one, file owners and permissions for data files or .exe file can be set and customized by the user. Among the given permissions, files can be seen, read, started, modified, renamed or deleted.
Audit: This tab shows which files were opened, executed, or modified by another users creating a log with the file operation, path, user who worked on the file, application, access time and application’s path.
Data Safe: This part of the program is where files can be encrypted with passwords, securing the information. The information protected by this feature can be read in other computers with Private Data Safe if installed.
Options Tab: Here the user can define general parameters such as windows startup or logon, balloons for messages, time authorization for certain programs and more.
Lock: This tab locks the program from unauthorized changes and users.
Live Update: This part searches the Web for new program updates.
Exit and Help: Just like in other programs, nothing special.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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  • Sound
  • Strong
  • Small size
  • Low resource consumption


  • Can be a little exhausting if protecting file by file
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